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I use this space to collect and share my interest, hobbies, and work on my web design and development skills.  You can venture over to my latest idea of promoting "Aviation Events".  The thought is that local, small town events are not always advertised very well.  Yes, it can be posted on Social networks like Facebook, but that is not the focus of the groups, therefore it is not always seen by as many people as it could.  By adding an event to this website, anyone can venture over to see upcoming events related to General Aviation only.  I also try to collect historical information such as practice bomb site locations which can be found on my "Aviation Stuff" page.

Venture over to my "About" page to read a lttle more about me!

The "Projects" tab focuses on iOS apps that I have available on the Apple App Store.

I have a true passion for Aviation.  The "Committing Aviation" page shares some of the places I have been and things I enjoy relative to aviation. 

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