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Building from Scratch

Follow along as I embark on the journey of constructing an Experimental Piper Super Cub, sharing insights, tips and the joy of creating something extraordinary.

Welcome to Experimental Adventure, where the skies are not the limits and aviation is my passion.  Join me in this thrilling journey as I delve into the world of flight, sharing insights, adventures, and the excitement of building my own Experimental Piper Super Cub from scratch.  From exhilarating flights to the intricate craftsmanship behind each part, I'm here to inspire, inform, and celebrate the magic of aviation.  Let's soar together through the skies of exploration and innovation.

I intend on working with VR3 Engineering to provide the metal tubing cut to length and coped to fit as a starting point.  If you have an interest, you can click on their name to head over to their website for additional information.

I have a true passion for Aviation.  The "Committing Aviation" page shares some of the places I have been and things I enjoy relative to aviation. 

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