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AirVenture 2021! It's On!

End of May: Go to, download and print the NOTAM, read it at least 3 times, and highlighting the important parts. Re-organize it so it flows with your flight to, and into AirVenture.

Excitement building now...AirVenture is actually close enough to start planning...

Drive to airport and practice spot landings. Round and round the pattern; …8 landings, 9 landings, 10 landings, 11 landings. 12 landings...Man this is fun!

Waiting, and waiting...for AirVenture to get here!

Mid June: Pull out the previous AirVenture/Camping checklist, read through it, add anything you think you need that isn't already listed, and start gathering, shopping, and checking off your supplies.

Set up the tent, to be sure all parts are there, its not torn, and is ready. Layout the sleeping

the bag, crawl in to be sure it still fits just right. Blow up the air mattress be sure it holds air. Remove all of the air out of the air mattress, fold it, and put it away. Roll up the sleeping bag, put it back in its carrying bag, and put it away. Break down the tent, put it in it's carrying bag and put it away.

Waiting, and waiting...

Early July: Drive to airport and practice spot landings. Round and round the pattern; …6 landings, 7 landings, 8 landings, 9 landings...Man this is fun!

Break out Foreflight and start planning your route, fuel stops, and contingency plan (i.e. if VFR conditions do not exist the day you plan to leave, then have an IFR flight plan ready to go and file). Be sure your chart updates are current as well. Load your weight and balance form with the information you have.

Impatiently waiting, and waiting...

Drive to the hanger, drop the cowling, do a good inspection, oil change, and take care of any squawks that could make your trip a bad one! Rub on her real well, make her shine, and top off with fuel.

Week before AirVenture: Go back and read the NOTAM, just to be sure, break out Foreflight at least 7 more times, plan, re-plan, and plan once more. Make a list of the FBO and phone numbers for your fuel stops to be able to call and verify fuel availability the day before it's time to leave.

Trying to be patient, but...Impatiently waiting, and waiting...

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